Shower Panel How Done

Shower Panel How DoneInstallation instructions are included with each purchase. If you still can not install, please follow the instructions below.

  • Court

At this time, cutting boards with a width and health, using a hacksaw, improvements are up. Spot saw puzzle or knees when cutting, the increase should show his face down.

  • Gaps

A space of 2 to 3 mm must be left in the channel or adapted for fixing the same panel, wherein the obtaining of the collar. Scope must be loaded with the sealant wet walls.

  • Installation

In the unlikely event that the wet joints were then mounted 34mm space should be left between the plate and the bottom plate with the help of the shower or bath packer at the turn of the plates. The holes must be protected with a silicone wall wet mastic. Wet sealing of the wall must be used at all angles and load profile.

  • Wall

Dishes can be adapted to most surfaces with adhesive tape so that they expanded and free of loose particles.

The plates may also be specifically changed on the existing tiles, because they have a degreasing.

  • Shower Panel How DoneEquipment

Fittings taps and shower easily solved with the right accessories on board. It is more severe, for example, there are helpful in obtaining necessary medical furniture against extra plate.

  • Failure

Baden both sides

1. Installation parts of the corner profile in the corners by means of appropriate fastening means (screws) and to ensure that the crown is masked to prevent contamination during the mounting of the plate.

2. Drive the movie from the card and examine the contents of Mrs crosses previous size.

3. Applying a closure flap is connected to one side of the inner corner profiles, the amount of sealant in the cover to a depth of at least 2 mm, the base channel.

4. The screen must be placed so that the distance between the base plate and between the shower tray framed 34mm. These should be included with the kit and rinse with clean plate from the front after a board installed

5. It then uses this respect the upper end profile thereof should now be placed in the end of the plate.

6. Apply glue size in the “snake” to ensure that the board and insert the card incorporated place in the corner edge and achieve a good seal.

7. Repeat 6/2 of the surface of the second plate.

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