Protect your home from water damage

Protect your home against damage caused by expensive water

They realize that water is a vital part of life. But just because you need water to live, but that does not mean that your house needs them. In fact, water can be a serious problem with expensive consequences anywhere in or around your home. You may think a little water is not a big problem. For small spills to worry about a broken water pipe, flooding warehouse or leaky roof can cost you. How exactly? Here are some things you should know:

Protect your home from water damage• Creation of a single flight or missing tiles can cost $ 100 to $ 300 (excluding water damage).

• The flooding of the basement will cost from $ 500 to $ 10,000, dry and repair. Factors contributing to the cost, the size of Cave, the severity of the flood, and how long the flooding of the hold.

• A broken repair water pipes will cost at least $ 5,000 and can reach $ 70,000 in damages.

• Owner or insurance against floods usually the cost of water, but not always the total value (and, depending on the cause).

Water damage is a serious problem with potentially serious financial consequences. What can you do to protect your home and avoid problems in the first place? With some additions, measures and methods of prevention care, most owners all but eliminates the risk of water damage can cause damage to your home.


One of the most important things you can do to prevent water damage and reduce costs, it is your house and stay informed about what is around you. What do you mean? Here are some things you should know:

• know how old your home is that the pipes were made, and what kind of questions are often disturb house as his own. If you live in an old house, it is important to know the cause of the tube (you know you can find details of the service pipe, asking owners, or hire a surveyor). There are several old and new buildings in the pipe material being used, and some are more prone to leakage than others.

• care. For the climate you live in a cold and snow? Then it may be necessary to protect the tubes during winter. Without isolation of the small, visible pipes can freeze, cracked and broken. As mentioned above, it can repair a fracture of the pipeline has cost thousands of dollars. But do not think the only tube should be worried are affected; even in the pipes of your home, in a garage or near the outer walls can freeze. Fortunately, just a little bit of foam insulation to avoid most problems.

Protect your home from water damage• Knowledge of weather problems in their attendance area. Time is probably the most important factor that you should consider in preventing water damage. Make sure you know what is expected and special measures to protect your home.

• Watch your water bill each month and pay attention to unusual fluctuations. If you find that you more than they should pay, this would indicate a leak.

• Check your roof at least once per season. Any damage to your roof, can lead to serious problems for the rest of your home. If you can not see the roof or unable to get out, call, adding that the parent company.


Broken sprinklers is one of the main causes of the yard and basement flooding in the country. It is common for an application of sprinklers time to time and frequency, that ultimately lead to a leakage of support. And in areas that fall below zero in winter, cracked pipes or even more often broken. If the city can cut the irrigation water, you can be sure you know when to return to the water. Once you know when the water is turned to spring for a few days after your garden so that all the witnesses, a damp sponge or unusual wetlands. If you have excess water, you have to repair the damage quickly. As the main water pipes do not leak, turn on the sprinkler system and pay attention to signs of similar damage. When the working nozzles is of poor quality or reducing the pressure, which can be anywhere in the system, a leak.

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