Dos & Don’ts Septic tank

Dos & Don'ts Septic tankIt is a fact that most homeowners tend to completely forget your septic system. This can be good, because, well, it’s not really something to inspire everyone or maybe it was just a problem. Out of sight, out of heart or not Unfortunately, out of sight, which is not something you can afford to ignore long. After all, it is the place where all the waste collected from.

The good news is, the maintenance of tanks and septic tanks is not as difficult as you might think. Just follow some of these do’s and don’ts to help you work more efficiently for many years.

  • Do’s

Do get a professional plumber to check for possible problems with the system at least once a year.

Make sure you are. Fiber filters in your washing machine, so that the link does not accumulate the conduct of wastewater and connection of water systems and the constraints in the smooth flow of water in the pipes causes.

Take time to know where the septic tank and drain field to his house. This will help you save time and effort if you visit a service for sewer maintenance.

Dos & Don'ts Septic tankAppropriate measures are taken to ensure that the aisles of the established water and roof drains flow directly into the tank, as this issue was overwhelmed and could begin to overflow.

If you sink, toilet, sink and own bath, try as much as possible the use of environmentally friendly solutions. If you must use commercial cleaners and disinfectants, use it sparingly because these toxins that the bacteria in the system can be fatal included.

Obtain prior authorization from the Ministry of Health. All repairs to sewers

  • Don’ts

Do not throw solid wastes included in the sewer system cause the blockade can result after some time.

Also avoid casting objects that are not biodegradable and, buffers and all kinds of plastic.

Not repairing the sewer or septic tank because of toxic fumes can be very dangerous. If you need to establish is to work, it is important to do this is with a licensed professional contractor made.

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