Dangers of sewer gas

Dangers of sewer gasSimplify residual gas can be dangerous and when you feel in your home, you must take immediate action. It is not the different gas, but the ingredient is responsible for the hydrogen sulfide which can be harmful even in small quantities.

This gas can cause sudden headache lesson, dizziness and respiratory problems for many people. The smell is a bit rotten eggs The strongest near the ground, as this is a very heavy gas.

It can be flammable, so you do not have home care Incendio take along uh uh cigarette. The best advice is, the output immediately call a plumber.

What causes the accumulation WASTE?

Orgánicos decomposition of waste materials and waste produced usually a statement SYSTEM organizational units lock a broken pipe. This also means that one or more of what pitfalls have caused damage to the UP home after gas stop.

Do not plan to leave one Disappear gas. You should resolver issue. There are many articles on this subject after the Internet, but you really need to get professional advice to meet the man’s face.

Pipes and fittings

Dry joints and can cause wastewater to flow back into the house. After tie usually caused when the weir Qué should always dry pipeline has only itself. This bath, which are not often used mind racing discharge to less frequent toilet more often. A maintenance is important, and only pour water Sewage used is rarely a good idea.

Dangers of sewer gasGap

The travel time and the cold ground is the lead pipe with crack. Old pipe should be checked from time to time so that there are no cracks after The Same sure. Beware though unites the gap drainage tube that often lead to flight of the UN, which may be behind ODOR do the sewer of the house gases.


If the HVAC system installed with great force in the sewer, you can close the sewage smell. For theorems are now more aware of this problem and HVAC systems are now always placed a Do Distance drains. This problem can be solved by adding an ax to change the line of the ventilation units lumbar region.

Why should we ignore the smell the sewer?

Most owners The UN Houses I often speak to ignore the smell of gas drainage, and said they opened the window of the UN and it was so. The problem is that all the gas can be heavy after our home for a long time rhythm, did not cause immediate health problems, but it can be spread over the pace.

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