Albertville, AL, 04/27/2016 -  When it comes to replacing their lampshades, homeowners will no longer have to accept only what major retailers like Home Depot, Lowes, Walmart, or Target have on their shelves.  Jack of All Shades LLC is announcing that they are offering RETAIL PUBLIC DISTRIBUTION of lampshades through their new and improved website:  Custom Made Lamp Shades are now available as a cost effective way to replace existing lamp shades and customers get the size, color, and shape that they are looking for.  No longer are the 10 or 12 sizes showing up on the store shelves the customer’s only choice.

Currently, buying a lamp shade from a major retailer means that you must accept whatever size, shape, and color they offer on their shelves – and normally those will be manufactured in China with questionable quality and low selection!

Lampshade Manufacturing to your Specifications. Homeowners can now purchase CUSTOM LAMP SHADES at in the color and size and shape that they desire from an American Company.  JackOfAllShades offers round custom lamp shades, oval custom lamp shades, square custom lamp shades, rectangle custom lampshades, pendant custom lamp shades and many other shapes.  Lampshade sizes range from 4 inches for Chandelier Lamp Shades up to oversized lamp shades that are 5 and 6 feet in diameter – and every size in between!

JackOfAllShades has over 150 colors and materials available and even allows the customer send in their OWN MATERIAL to make a custom lampshade that matches a room’s exact décor.

Lampshades – You Dream it, We Build it . JackOfAllShades’ retail store is on the internet at so they sell to every American homeowner coast to coast – From New York to California, from Florida to Texas.  We ship your lampshade out of Albertville, Alabama.

In addition to their custom manufacturing facility of hard backed lampshades, JackOfAllShades also stocks an inventory of HIGH QUALITY Silk (Soft Backed) lampshades as well as the ability to repair existing Silk (Soft Backed) lampshades.

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